South Haven’s varsity boys swim team upped its conference record to 4-1 after a nail-biting finish over Battle Creek Harper Creek this past Tuesday.

The outcome of the meet was decided in the final event, the 400 freestyle relay. “At this point of the meet the score was tied, it all came down to the 400 freestyle relay,” said South Haven Coach Thomas Capps. “The first-place winner of the 400 freestyle relay would win the meet.”

The Rams competed in the final event with their A team and B team. The A team consisted of Sam Rose, Carson Dissette, Luke Prong and Ben Meyer, while the B team was comprised of Nicholas McMillan, Jackson Grieves, Cooper Olney and Sam McMillan.

At first, it appeared the Rams’ A team placed second and the B team in third. But due to a disqualification of Harper Creek’s A relay team leaving the block early, they were disqualified, giving South Haven’s A team the first place finish in the 400-yard relay race, and the Rams’ B team, second place, therefore, giving South Haven the overall victory in the conference meet.

“After the news, each team had their moment to gather in and accept the outcome, ours being very, very sweet, and theirs not so much,” Capps said. “As the coach of a great group of guys, it did not go unnoticed upon how well Harper Creek held themselves, after such an upset of a meet, knowing they put in just as much work as we do...We look forward to seeing them again at our league conference meet. Both teams now know that we must really prove ourselves to conquer each other.”

Results of the meet follow for South Haven:

200-yard medley relay: 1. South Haven (Luke Prong, Ashton Fields, Kyle Bos, Jacob Meyer) 1:47.99; 3. South Haven (Sam McMillan, Yamil Garcia, Eduardo Solis, Jackson Grieves) 2:09.27

200-yard freestyle: 2. Ben Meyer, 1:59.35; 4. Sam Rose, 2:14.66; 5. Carson Dissette, 2:14.68

200-yard IM: 2. Kyle Bos, 2:23.31; 3. Sam McMillan, 2:33.43

50-yard freestyle: 1. Jacob Meyer, 22.64; 4. Ashton Fields, 25.62; 5. Eduardo Solis, 27.39

One-meter diving: 4. Sam Rose, 97.35 points

100-yard butterfly: 2. Jacob Meyer, 59.45; 4. Luke Prong, 1:03.61; 5. Carson Dissette, 1:14.15.

100-yard freestyle: 1. Ben Meyer, 51.12; 2. Kyle Bos, 53.17; 4. Eduardo Solis, 1:00.91

500-yard freestyle: 3. Sam McMillan, 6:20.53; 5. Cooper Olney, 7:20.85

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. South Haven (Ashton Fields, Kyle Bos, Jacob Meyer, Ben Meyer) 1:34.34; 3. South Haven (Carson Dissette, Enzo Haqq, Eduardo Solis, Sam Rose) 1:46.69

100-yard backstroke: 2. Luke Prong, 1:03.98; 4. Jackson Grieves, 1:20.70; 5. Julius Filbrandt, 1:25.60

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Ashton Fields, 1:09.36; 3. Yamil Garcia, 1:21.67; 5. Enzo Haqq, 1:26.76

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. South Haven (Sam Rose, Carson Dissette, Luke Prong, Ben Meyer) 3:55.44; 2. South Haven (Nicholas McMillan, Jackson Grieves, Cooper Olney, Sam McMillan) 4:30.49