SH swim Ben Meyer

South Haven varsity swimmer Ben Meyer competes in the 200-yard freestyle race at a competition earlier this month against Otsego. Meyer came in second place, Feb. 18th, in the Rams’ conference meet against Sturgis.

The score may not have reflected it, but South Haven suffered a close loss to Sturgis at a home swim meet, Feb. 18th.

Sturgis won the meet 98-74 by dominating two races – the 100-yard backstroke and the 400-yard relay. The Trojans swept the backstroke, 1-2-3, and both of its 400-yard-relay teams finished 1-2, to push the team’s score by a combined 25 points.

“It was a really tough loss, we had great races,” South Haven Coach Thomas Capps said. “The 200-yard relay medley that took first place was a great race to watch. The 50-yard freestyle was also very fun to watch and super close.

Capps also credited Luke Prong, who earned third place in three of the four events he competed in.

“Luke Prong really came in strong in this meet,” Capps said. “Everyone did exceptionally well, but Luke found his get-up-and-go, it was seen by myself and Assistant Coach Sam Kester.”

Individual results for South Haven follow:

200-yard medley relay: 1. South Haven (Benjamin Meyer, Jacob Florey, Patrick Callaghan, Jacob Meyer) 1:51.04

200-yard freestyle: 2. Benjamin Meyer, 2:11.76; 3. Luke Prong, 2:28.08

200-yard IM: 2. Maddox Uckele, 2:29.90; 4. Steven Larsen, 2:49.43; 5. Yamil Garcia, 2:57.88

50-yard freestyle: 1. Jacob Meyer, 23.98; 4. Patrick Callaghan, 25.21; 5. Eduardo Solis, 26.44

100-yard butterfly: 2. Patrick Callaghan, 1:02.88; 3. Benjamin Meyer, 1:06.99

100-yard freestyle: 2. Jacob Florey, 55.73; 3. Jacob Meyer, 56.55; 4. Steven Larsen, 59.04

500-yard freestyle: 2. Samuel McMillen 6:14.04; 3. Luke Prong, 6:57.24

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. South Haven (Patrick Callaghan, Jacob Florey, Benjamin Meyer, Jacob Meyer) 1:37.74; 3. South Haven (Steven Larsen, Eduardo Solis, Luke Prong, Maddox Uckele) 1:47.18

100-yard backstroke: 4. Bradley Wildey, 1:1204; 5. Jose Jimenez, 1:55.38

100-yard breaststroke: 2. Maddox Uckele, 1:19.71; 4. Jacob Florey, 1:21.00; 5. Yamil Garcia, 1:22.48

400-yard freestyle relay: 4. South Haven (Luke Prong, Bradley Wildey, Jose Jimenez, Samuel McMillen) 5:01.77