Southwest Michigan Wildlife columnist for The Herald-Palladium

The fall of 2020 is turning out to be great for observing evening grosbeaks in southern Michigan. This black, white and yellow finch inhabits the northern coniferous forests of Canada and northern Michigan during the summer months. During fall and winter, the species irrupts southward depending on food supply in the north.

Evening grosbeaks frequently travel in flocks on average of 12-15, but flocks over 100 may occur and will devour sunflower seeds at feeders in just a few minutes. While they will eat black oil sunflower seeds, their favorite is the striped sunflower seed.

Many grosbeaks

Grosbeaks at the feeding station of Lisa Schaller in Bridgman on Oct. 26.


A female summer tanager at the feeders of Mia Lischer Kompare.


A ruby-throated hummingbird on Oct. 25, which stayed until Nov. 1 at the feeder of Brad and Hannah Anderson of Bridgman.

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