Southwest Michigan Wildlife columnist for The Herald-Palladium

Barred owl

A barred owl on Nov. 2 in the yard of Theodore Post of St. Joseph Twp.

A barred owl was seen and photographed in the daylight hours of Nov. 2 in the yard of Theodore Post in St. Joseph Township, not far from Hickory Creek. Post said the owl was present in his wooded yard for approximately two hours hunting for food. It is not known if the owl captured any prey.

The barred owl lives in heavily forested areas, especially swamps, rarely venturing into open areas where they may fall prey to the larger great horned owl. Barred owls prey on a variety of small birds and mammals such as mice, voles, squirrels, and rabbits. They also eat reptiles and amphibians such as frogs, salamanders, and snakes. The species ranges over much of the eastern U.S. and is non-migratory.

Snow bunting

A snow bunting is seen on New Buffalo Beach last month.


A ring-necked pheasant rooster along Basswood Road, near Three Oaks, on Oct. 17.

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