The Lakeshore Junior Golf Association concluded its summer tour on Monday at HawksHead Links in South Haven with the second round of its championship tournament.

Overall tour winners were determined by adding a player's two best rounds from the regular season to their two-round championship tournament score.

Bridgman graduate Nick Knowlton of Trine University shot a 76 on Monday to win both the championship tournament and the tour in the Collegiate Division.

Ryan Guzzo of St. Joseph shot 74 to win the championship tournament in the Boys 16-18 Division, but finished fourth in the overall tour with a 317 in a very close race. Blaine Shafer of White Pigeon was first at 315, with recent Lakeshore graduate Davis Longyear and Carter Geigley of Centreville tied for second at 316.

Conner Shooks of Watervliet won the Boys 13-15 championship tournament. Charlie Uzelac of St. Joseph was the overall tour winner in that division.

Olivia Cramer of Lawton took both titles in the Girls 16-18 Division, South Haven's Sydney Barnes did the same in the Girls 13-15 Division, and Alan Wegner of Cassopolis swept the Junior Division.


Lakeshore JGA Tour


at HawksHead Links, South Haven

Junior Division — Alan Wegner (Cassopolis) 84, Connor Geigley (Centreville) 88, William Hundt (Stevensville) 93, Rebecca Guernsey (Dowagiac) 97, Jamie Garnett (Malaysia) 99.

Collegiate Division — Nick Knowlton (Trine University) 76, Jeremiah Guernsey (St. Xavier University) 84, Alissa Waite (Northwood University) 99, Mitchell McConomy (Stevensville) 99.

Boys 16-18 — Ryan Guzzo (St. Joseph) 74, Carter Geigley (Centreville) 78, Peyton Vanderhoff (Otsego) 84, Blaine Shafer (White Pigeon) 85, Jackson Glanzer (Stevensville) 85, Davis Longyear (Siena Heights University) 86, Owen Weber (St. Joseph) 101.

Boys 13-15 — Conner Shooks (Watervliet) 49, Charlie Uzelac (St. Joseph) 53, Jacob Martinez (Lawton) 60.

Girls 16-18 — Bella Finnigan (St. Joseph) 50, Olivia Cramer (Lawton) 52, Abby Bocock (South Haven) 52, Naomi Norris (Lawrence) 63, Megan Fairchild (St. Joseph) 65.

Girls 13-15 — Madison Jackson (St. Joseph) 51, Gracie Thomas (St. Joseph) 52, Sydney Barnes (South Haven) 53, Ella Yunker (Sturgis) 57.