It’s football conference championship weekend across the nation, and yes, once again “mighty” Michigan is not a participant.

Ohio State took care of that last Saturday with yet another shellacking of the Wolverines, this time in the Big House.

That was the Buckeyes eighth straight victory and 15th of the last 16 in what was once a competitive rivalry.

It’s simply not competitive anymore, as the gap between the two football programs continues to widen.

Coach Jim Harbaugh took offense to a question in the postgame presser asking him for reasons for that gap, and responded by pompously saying he would answer questions about the game, not insults.

The question wasn’t an insult. The scribe was seeking answers to a fact. Obviously, Harbaugh had none or probably just didn’t want to talk about it.

Michigan’s downhill slide against Ohio State must be really getting under Harbaugh’s skin. He’s now 0-5 against the Buckeyes, who have put a combined 118 points on the scoreboard in the last two encounters.

Question: When is the national media going to quit overhyping the ability of U-M defensive coordinator Don Brown to make halftime adjustments? He couldn’t do anything to slow down Ohio State last Saturday.

When was the last time Michigan won a Big Ten football championship?

It was 2004, 15 years ago.

In fact Michigan has never even competed for the title since the two division champs began facing each other in the Big Ten Championship game in 2011.

For the record, here’s the results of those games:


Wisconsin 42, MSU 39


Wisconsin 70, Nebraska 31


MSU 34, Ohio State 24


Ohio St. 59, Wisconsin 0


MSU 16, Iowa 13


Penn St. 38, Wisconsin 31


Ohio St. 27, Wisconsin 21


Ohio St. 45, Northwestern 24

Bottom line

There seems to be a team missing from the above list. Wisconsin is 2-3, Ohio State 3-1, Michigan State 2-1, Penn State 1-0, and Northwestern, Iowa and Nebraska all 0-1. The conference realigned its two divisions in 2014.

This year Wisconsin will be making its sixth appearance, and Ohio State its fifth. Michigan State has been in three, and no other school more than once. College football playoff final four appearances by Big Ten schools: Ohio State has two, including a national championship in 2014. Michigan State has one appearance in 2015.

Make it: Ohio State 42, Wisconsin 17.

On with the forecast:


Last week: 4-4, .500

Season final: 153-42, .785


Last week: 40-13, .755

Season: 543-136, .800



PAC 12

Oregon 24, Utah 20


Big Ten

Ohio State 42, Wisconsin 17


CMU 31, Miami, Ohio 27


LSU 34, Georgia 21


Clemson 52, Virginia 10

Big 12

Oklahoma 35, Baylor 27

Sun Belt

App. State 38, Louisiana 34


Fla.-Atlantic 33, UAB 22

Mountain West

Boise State 42, Hawaii 21

American Athletic

Memphis 34, Cincinnati 23

Al Arend is a sports correspondent for The Herald-Palladium. His weekly football prediction column appears every Thursday throughout the season.